PLV087 - Pagan Ep - V Recordings (Out Now)

PLV087 -  Need For Mirrors - Pagan Ep - V recordings

A: Pagans / B: Tofu / C: Rpm / D: Dumbing Down / E: Vendor Dub

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Need For Mirrors returns to V for his politically charged 'Pagan EP' set for release in early December. Reflecting on the strange and turbulent times we're living through, NFM takes things back to the core with a 5 tracker packed full of Jungle & Roots influences, whilst still maintaining a cutting edge, techy feel. Drum heavy, but with enough sub to satisfy any sound system, 'Pagans' leads the way with its infectious vocals and live bass, but the quality here is such that all five cuts stand tall and this EP shows the depth and quality of production NFM has come to be known for. If you've been down and checked out NFM's London residency at his own 'Soul In Motion' event you will have no doubt skanked out to more than one of the tracks on offer here.