Everything You Need To Know About: Need For Mirrors’ Debut Album 'Swim'

Drum & bass is club music. Let’s not get this twisted.

It might drive you through a gym session, soothe your soul en route to work or soundtrack a sesh with your favourite people, but primarily drum & bass music’s purest function is to whisk you away in the dance, charge you up with feelings you can’t explain and give you total escapism.

These circumstances preside at the forefront of everything Joe Moses does. Whether it’s the rubber ball ricochets of recent slammer Tidal Wavey or the voluptuous skanks of Pagans or the venomous two-step grunt of Bicep, every Need For Mirrors has been written for a particular venue, set or party in mind.

Never has this been clearer than on his debut album Swim. Released this week on Commercial Suicide, we announced it last month with comments from both Joe and Klute. The Commercial Suicide bossman was prominent in the way the album came to life as he identified a particular thread in a certain strain of Joe’s tracks and repertoire. He explained how “Swim came through a slow process of casual consultation and the emergence of a lot of very different styles that he’d been a bit shy to show anyone.”

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Joe Moses